Parenting can feel overwhelming, even for those who plan to become pregnant. But an unplanned pregnancy can be incredibly overwhelming-your mind races with thoughts about the physical, emotional, and financial responsibilities of having a child.

Even though your pregnancy was unplanned, you are as capable of successfully raising a child as someone who has planned for parenthood. Perhaps the most important factor for success is providing your child with a strong support system that begins with you.

There is a lot of community support if you do decide to parent. Here at Arches New Hope Pregnancy Center, we provide parenting information for expecting mothers and fathers. In our “Earn While You Learn” program, you can take online parenting classes and earn credits towards items in our baby boutique, such as diapers, wipes, outfits, blankets, and other baby necessities. There are several community referrals we can offer you as well. Everything from clothing and household items, employment assistance, medical care, and more is available to you.